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Daftar Game Simulasi Kereta Api

Simulator kereta api adalah sebuah perangkat lunak komputer yang menyimulasikan pengoperasian kereta api. Beberapa aspek yang termasuk dalam simulasi kereta api antara lain:

Simulasi kereta api



Perusahaan kereta api



A. Trainz

Trainz is a series of 3D train simulator computer games developed by Australian game developer N3V Games (formerly Auran). First released in 2001, the series has a large online community that creates and shares user-created content. The game has been released in several versions, including localized versions. Trainz Simulator 12 is the latest Windows installment in the franchise, which was released in April 2011.


A screenshot of Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 in Driver mode, showing third-party British rolling stock.

The game is divided into modules: Surveyor, Driver, and Railyard, and in some versions, Scenarios.
  • Surveyor is the route editor. Here, the user can shape and "paint" the landscape with ground textures, lay tracks, and place buildings and other scenery to create a virtual world. Users can create Driver sessions (introduced in Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004) for running trains in the Driver module, both for their own routes, and for routes that were included with the game or downloaded.
  • Driver takes the route created in Surveyor and allows the user to operate the trains. There are two methods of manual control: DCC mode, which simulates the simple stop-and-go of a model railway, and Cabin mode, which simulates real-world physics and working cab controls. Alternatively, the trains can be given instructions and driven by the computer (Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 and later only). This is known as "scheduling". In the Ultimate Trainz Collection and earlier versions of the game, trains ("consists") are assembled by the user and placed on the route at specific locations on the track marked in Surveyor, called trackmarks, in Driver's step-by-step setup screens, along with the weather conditions and changeability, time-of-day, train control method, etc. Starting with Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004, all of this is instead set up in Driver sessions, which are created and edited for routes in Surveyor, and Driver was changed to simply allow the user to pick a session for running. Sessions can also contain schedules for computer-driven trains, also set up by the user in Surveyor.
  • Routes: Since the release of Trainz Simulator 2010, the Surveyor and Driver modes were merged into the Routes section. The list of routes which are locally installed is first shown before the list of sessions which are associated with the selected route.
  • Railyard (known as My Collection in the Ultimate Trainz Collection and earlier versions of the game) is a virtual engine shed where the user can view locomotives and rolling stock, use some functions of the locomotives, and view the trains' descriptions.
  • Scenarios are pre-scripted activities in which the user plays through a specific set of challenges, such as transporting passengers to their destinations on schedule, or switching rail cars in a rail yard without damaging the cargo.

External modules

  • PaintShed is a simple program for recolouring Trainz locomotives and other rolling stock. PaintShed was included with Ultimate Trainz Collection and Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006, and was available as a separate program for Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 and versions of Trainz prior to the Ultimate Trainz Collection.
  • Content Manager is a program that allows management of the in-game files, including full descriptions, a photo, the last date modified, and its current state. It also makes downloads easier by placing objects in their proper files. It also made it easier for content creators, by making imports easier. Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 and Trainz Classics included Content Manager Plus, the first version, Trainz Simulator 2009 included Content Manager 2.0, and Trainz Simulator 2010 included Content Manager 3.2, which has proven to be a more stable version than previous versions.

Version History


Trainz Beta 0.9

Trainz: Beta version 0.9 was released in November 2001 for testing purposes. The cover art contained a quote from Antoine de Saint Exupery.[2]

Trainz Community Edition

Trainz Community Edition was released in December 2001.
service packs 1, 2 and 3 were released from 2002, this updated the Community Edition to version 1.3. Thus the USA version is commonly known as Trainz 1.0. Service pack 3 updated Trainz to version 1.3, two builds existed; 263 and 277, the last of which was for non-English versions only.

Trainz Retail Edition

Trainz Retail Edition was released in June 2002.
service packs 1, 2 and 3 were released from 2002, this updated the Retail Edition to version 1.3. Thus the USA version is commonly known as Trainz 1.1.1.

Ultimate Trainz Collection

The Ultimate Trainz Collection, or UTC, was released on 26 November 2002 in North America. This was the first edition to include the PaintShed program and support RailDriver.[3]

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 (also known as Trainz Railway Simulator 2004 in the United Kingdom), or TRS2004, was released in September 2003. Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 had four service packs released through 2004 and 2005. Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 was the first version of Trainz to include interactive industries and loadable rolling stock capabilities, which allowed the player to deliver various resources (such as coal, wood, and steel) and passengers to various industries and stations across the playable area. There were many industries included and much of the bundled rollingstock was updated to include this new capability.It also was the first Rail Simulator to include Thomas content which was later available in Trainz 2006 and up.

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 (also known as Trainz Railway Simulator 2006 in the United Kingdom), or TRS2006, was released in September 2005. In Germany, it was published by Bluesky-Interactive as ProTrain Perfect. In many ways TRS2006 is just an extension of TRS2004 (it is identical in most ways) except for slightly better graphics and the "Portal", an off-map staging area where trains can be programmed to appear on the route at user-defined time intervals.

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2007

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2007 (sometimes abbreviated to TRS2007) was first distributed by Anuman Interactive for sale in France, Belgium and Switzerland.[4] There were initially two versions: the standard version which consisted of Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 with Service Pack 1 applied, and the Gold edition, which included French regional add-on items.[5] Halycon Media later distributed Trainz Railroad Simulator 2007 with German region-specific content for the British, Austrian, and Swiss market.[6] This is the only version of Trainz not released in the US market.

Trainz Driver

Trainz Driver (also known as Trainz Driver Edition in the USA) is a version of Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 lacking the Surveyor module, having only the Driver module, and considered a demo for TRS2006. It did, however, have different rolling stock, such as Amtrak engines and cars, and a user-created route that was previously incomplete, Marias Pass, was included complete.[7][8] The UK release date was 24 February 2006.

Trainz Classics

Trainz Classics, also abbreviated as TC, is a series of 3 standalone programs based on Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006, but with some improvements to the coding. Each release has only one or two routes, with some rolling stock and locomotives made for that route,[9] The series attempts to focus on a particular region and point in time of the region's railway infrastructure history, for example the current release is focused on the line of Settle-Carlisle in Great Britain in the 1960s. Trainz Classics 3 was released on July 23, 2008.[10] instead of having a lot of built-in content like other versions of Trainz.
Volume 1, released on July 9, 2007, featured a 40-mile section of the MTA-owned Metro North Harlem Line,[11] Volume 2 featured Metropolis, using the Modula City system by the developer Trainzland, and Volume 3 featured the Settle-Carlisle railway line between Skipton & Carlisle.[12] A demonstration of the route between Dent & Wharton with Garsdale & Hawes, titled Hawes Junction, was also included in Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006. The routes from Volumes 1 & 2 were included in Trainz Simulator 2009, while Volume 3 was released as an expansion pack for Trainz Simulator 2009 and Trainz Simulator 2010.
Trainz Classics was released as Trainz Railwayz in the United States, and was sold bundled with Trainz Railroad Simulator 2007 as De Trainz Railways in France.

Trainz - The Complete Collection

Released 13 June 2008. This is a big box kind of compilation, and has three DVD's: Ultimate Trainz Collection, TRS2004, TRS2006, Trainz Routes (volumes 1-4), and Trainz PaintShed.

Trainz Simulator 2009

Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Edition, or TS2009, was released for digital download on 27 November 2008, and the first boxed copy orders were shipped in mid December 2008. The World Builder Edition is the full version and provides all the tools to create new and improved assets for the TS2009 engine with the inclusion of Surveyor. TS2009 contains all content from all previous versions of trains, including regional ones like Trainz Simulator 2007 and 2008. The in-game names of this regional content, however, were not presented in English.
The second edition, Trainz Simulator 2009: Engineers Edition, was due for release by the end of April 2009, but was cancelled for unknown reasons.[13] The Engineers Edition would have focused on driving and operating, as well as further new content. The name was later applied to Trainz Simulator 2010: Engineers Edition.

Addons and Standalone Packages

  • Settle and Carlisle is a re-release of Trainz Classics 3 updated to be compatible with Trainz Simulator 2009 and Trainz Simulator 2010. (
  • Classic Cabon City uses the Modula City system introduced in TRS2006. (

Trainz Simulator 2010: Engineers Edition

Trainz Simulator 2010: Engineers Edition, or TS2010, was released on 23 November 2009 as a digital download and a retail boxed version solely via the Auran online store. Regular retail releases became available for the various regions throughout 2010. The primary additions to this version are the use of the SpeedTree system, graphical improvements for built-in content, and performance improvements for both custom and built-in content.[14]
Despite being called the "Engineers Edition" and focusing on the train-driving experience, the Surveyor module is still included. Specifications were announced 13 November 2009.[1]
The game was released in the United States as Trainz Railroader 2010: Engineers Edition, published by Microsoft.

Trainz Simulator: iPad, Android

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Trainz, N3V Games released a Trainz app for the iPad on 4 December 2010. Users can take advantage of the iPad's functions and lay tracks, drive trains and complete tasks with the touch of their fingers. Users have access to Driver and Surveyor and can create routes and drive trains with the help of tutorials. An Android version of the game was released on 22 July 2011 and has the same features as the iPad version. The app is a port of Trainz Simulator 2010.

Trainz Simulator 12

Trainz Simulator 12, or TS12, was released on 12 April 2011. Among other upgrades, this product offers a variety of new routes, doppler effect support, satellite view, and a multiplayer feature for the first time (multiplayer was publicly tested in TS2010). A Trainz 10th Anniversary Boxset was announced which includes the game and other extras. The game was initially released for pre-order on 18 March 2011 as part of the limited-edition Trainz 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition.

My First Trainz Set

My First Trainz Set was designed for the younger generation who do not want to worry about realism or management when playing the Trainz game. The game features 4 locations to lay track in that are based on rooms throughout a house, such as a bedroom or kitchen. The user has the ability to place down small toy-like objects in the replacement of buildings and scenery. However, its graphical quality of the trains, track, and objects is still very much like that of the standard Trainz simulator games. Controls are also far more simplified. The game was also ported to Android devices.

Trainz Simulator: Mac

Trainz Simulator: Mac was a port of Trainz Simulator: 2010 for Macintosh.

Special hardware support

The desktop cab controller RailDriver was first supported for use in Service Pack 1 for the Ultimate Trainz Collection, and is also supported by all subsequent Trainz releases.


B. OpenBVE

openBVE(BVE berarti Boso View Ekspress) adalah game simulator kereta api yang dirancang untuk sistem operasi Windows, Mac OS X, dan platform Linux
Pembangunan dimulai pada 10 April 2008, dan versi stabil pertama,, dirilis pada tanggal 23 Maret 2009.
openBVE ditulis dalam C# and C, dan bergantung pada OpenGL grafis penyaji dan OpenAL audio engine. source code, program dikompilasi, dan dokumentasi yang "ditempatkan dalam domain publik", seperti yang dinyatakan dalam file README.
openBVE berjalan dengan add-ons yang diciptakan oleh pengembang. Ada beberapa situs komunitas yang dijalankan oleh pemain dan pengembang , yang berisi diskusi - diskusi tentang openBVE hingga pertanyaan seputar masalah di openBVE, serta situs-situs download add-ons.


layar awal

Kereta di openBVE bisa dikendalikan kita sebagai masinis atau dengan menggunakan masinis otomatis, posisi kita di kabin masinis. Selain itu, add-ons yang digunakan di BVE Trainsim bisa digunakan di openBVE.
OpenBVE dapat menggunakan add-ons dari BVE Trainsim 2 dan 4, dan juga mengimplementasikan fitur tambahan, seperti perintah baru dan argumen untuk format file asli. Simulasi lebih maju seperti:
  • rangkaian anjlok,
  • terguling,
  • peristiwa luar biasa,
  • objek animasi yang bergerak,
  • eksterior luar kereta,
  • persilangan kereta, dan
  • penyusulan kereta (tahap pembuatan).
OpenBVE juga mendukung .dll plugin untuk BVE 2 and 4, serta plugin baru untuk .NET Framework yang mendukung format file gambar yang lain.

Penghentian" dari proyek openBVE

Pada 7 Mei 2012, pengembang utama 'Michelle' menghentikan proyek pengembangan openBVE dan meninggalkannya. Michelle meninggalkan versi sebagai versi terakhir yang tersedia. Situs resmi juga telah ditutup, namun hal ini hanya kebetulan - penghentian dan mematikan website yang tidak terhubung.
Odakyufan, wakil pengembang dari OpenBVE, mendirikan sebuah halaman web sementara untuk link download dan dokumentasi, sebelum masa depan simulator ini diputuskan dan juga meng-update openBVE, referensi server berbeda untuk system download dalam game, menciptakan versi

Sofware Pengembang

Beberapa sofware pengembang tersedia. Seperti :
  • Object Viewer, untuk melihat objek
  • Route Viewer
  • Route Editor
  • Train Editor
  • Sofware pengolah kata, berguna juga untuk mengedit rute, dapat membuka semua ekstensi file. Contoh software pengolah kata :
    • Notepad, dan
    • Wordpad


Struktur Objek

Dalam pembuatan objek di OpenBVE, hal yang paling dibutuhkan adalah pengetahuan tentang koordinat dan warna. Sistem koordinat yang dipakai adalah sistem X, Y, Z. Sedangkan sistem warna yang dipakai adalah R, G, B.
Beberapa objek memiliki kelengkungan, pembuatan objek menggunakan script yang cukup rumit, kecuali bagi para developer yang sudah hafal scriptnya.

Struktur objek animasi

Objek animasi merupakan gabungan dari beberapa objek, bedanya objek animasi dapat bergerak didalam rute. Gerakan objek dapat berupa seperti lift, pintu perlintasan, dan sinyal mekanik.

Rute OpenBVE

Rute di OpenBVE merupakan gabungan dari semua objek maupun objek animasi. Beberapa struktur yang ada seperti :
  • Tanah
  • Tanggul/undakan
  • Pagar
  • Stasiun
  • Sinyal
  • Peron
  • Persilangan kereta
  • Dan lain-lain.

Link Download

Main Program OpenBVE dapat di download di situs resminya, namun sekarang sudah ditutup. Namun masih dapat di download di situs lainnya. [1]
Untuk download rute dan kereta dapat di download di situs-situs developernya.


C. Microsoft Train Simulator

Microsoft Train Simulator (sometimes referred to as MSTS) is a train simulator for Microsoft Windows, released in July 2001 and developed by UK based Kuju Entertainment


The simulation allows players to operate a train on various routes in Europe, Asia and the United States. Players need to stop and start the train, couple wagons, using the computer keyboard or a hardware addition such as Raildriver to operate the controls. Sound effects are enabled.


The original game featured six routes:
Included with the game was the Editors & Tools program, which allowed the user to build custom routes. Users could also create activities for any route, create custom cabviews, or edit the default ones.

Rolling Stock

The base package contains 9 drivable locomotives and multiple units plus 8 AI trains
Computer AI Trains

Issues that affected gameplay

The original version contained many bugs. For example the "front coupling bug", where the locomotive's front coupler would not work, the "white void bug", where the route scenery disappears, leaving a white void, and the "end-of-the-line bug", where the locomotive, if it crashes through the last buffers on the route, would fall into an empty void. There are also issues with the signalling and AI dispatching. The game is also notoriously unstable with unusually high tendencies to hang, crash without giving reason, and display error messages incorrectly and/or at the wrong times. In many instances, out-of-place error messages, usually for missing files, will cause a highly undesired crash at the wrong time. MSTS 1.2 addressed some of these issues.


v1.2 added new items such as British and American rolling stock, namely the British Rail Class 50, British Rail Mark 1 Coaches, an EMD SD40-2 and general US freight cars, along with two new activities each for the SD40-2 and Class 50.

Microsoft Train Simulator 2

On May 7, 2003, Microsoft announced that it would be making a sister game of MSTS called Microsoft Train Simulator 2 and it was first demoed to the public at E3 on May 15.  Seemingly its main improvements were the addition of people to the game (e.g. passengers waiting at the stations, people operating the new locomotive roster, etc.), more realistic crashes and other accidents, and turntables. It was being developed by Kuju Entertainment, the original MSTS creators. Despite restructuring efforts at Kuju, the project was however handed over to Microsoft Game Studios on August 18, 2003.
This project was ultimately halted, as the following statement on April 24, 2004 from Microsoft confirmed:
Microsoft Game Studios has halted the Windows-based game "Train Simulator 2.0." The decision to halt "Train Simulator 2.0" was made some time ago and was based on a long, hard and difficult look at our business objectives and product offerings. We remain focused on the simulations category with successful, platform-driving franchises such as "Microsoft Flight Simulator."

On January 19, 2007, Microsoft announced the relaunch of the Microsoft Train Simulator project. This time the game was being made in-house by ACES Game Studio (Microsoft Game Studios) known for its long line of Microsoft Flight Simulators, as a part of the "Games for Windows" initiative. The game would have used the Microsoft Flight Simulator X graphics engine and it was planned to be compatible with both Windows Vista and Windows XP. A post on the 'The Little Wheel Goes in Back' blog, written by one of the developers, on August 23, 2007 suggested the working title was 'Train Simulator 2'.
On January 23, 2009, Microsoft announced that it was permanently closing ACES Game Studios, the internal development studio responsible for both Microsoft Flight Simulator and Microsoft Train Simulator. As a result, all future development on Train Simulator 2 (which was entering the final stages of development at the time of the closure) was immediately halted, marking the second time that the project was terminated. While Microsoft states that they are committed to both the Flight Simulator and Train Simulator brands, it is currently unknown if the Train Simulator 2 project will ever be resurrected and completed sometime in the future. Although Aces Studio has closed, they have reopened under the name of Cascade Game Foundry, and they are planning on continuing to develop simulations.